Porn & Beauty is the blog of photographers Hilde Holta-Lysell and Jan Schjetne. It’s a place for us to present photography we adore, respect or just plain find interesting. Contrary to what the name suggests, we will not post a whole lot of porn here, so put it back in your pants.

Now, sit back, and enjoy Porn & Beauty.

Porn & Beauty

  1. Alice in Wonderland
    - The Porn Musical

    This is absolutely absurd.  I read a blog where someone mentioned this movie, and I just had to check it out. What a weird movie. I doubt any of you will watch it all the way through, as it’s over an hour of hippie love-in interrupted by porn and singing. But it’s worth skimming through for a glance into another time in porn.

    Sorry about the “Pornhub” popups you might experience, it was the only place where I could find the movie online.

    Posted by schjetne, 4 years ago.

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